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Who's looking after yours ?


Our Services


Indoor Inspection and Maintenance

Regular indoor check up (including ventilation of the house) and emergency check on demand or following bad weather (with photo or video report), regular and ponctual housecleaning, general maintenance of the house (heating system, water, electric system...)


Outdoor Inspection and Maintenance

Regular outdoor check up and emergency check up on demand or after bad weather (with photo or video report), gardening and landscape services (mowing, trimming, brushing…), swimming pool maintenance (cleaning, wintering and starting up, emergency response…), general outdoor maintenance.



Mail management, assistance with suppliers and deliveries (EDF, GDF, fuel, wood, TV, …), assistance with visits of your providers, organisation and supervision of regular maintenance contracts.


Sourcing and Liaison with Artisans

We can assist you in your renovation projects, helping to choose the right people to engage and providing regular progress reports including photographs and videos when appropriate.


Private Concierge Services

We propose these services to meet all your (or your clients) requirements. Wine and Spirits selection delivery, food shopping and delivery, meal delivery for a small group, home care services (personal gym teacher, cooking lessons, masseur, etc) or even advice and information for family outings are some examples of what we can do.


Host Reception

We prepare your holiday house before you (or your guests) arrive according to your wishes, check-in and check out, cleaning after departure and small reconditioning of the house if necessary. We can also assist you to write and promote your annoucement and manage your bookings online.

Why choose us ?


Your holiday home risks 15 times more disasters in your absence than your main residence. How do you deal with this when you are away ?


Did you know that 80% of second home owner interviewed claim to be afraid of leaving their holiday home empty and without care during long absence, and admit having problems at every time they return... How about you ?


15 000€ is the annual average cost of the general maintenance of a holiday house in France, how much money can it save ?

Our commitments

Your peace of mind. Our commitment.

About us

Holiday Home Care is a company founded by Charles Cramailh, a young local French man concerned to provide a professional help to holiday home owners with high quality services tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Native to the area, he is sponsored by the Région Poitou Charentes and knows very well the surroundings and the people who work and live here. Fluent in English, we are the company you need to look after your holiday house!


Holiday Home Care was created after reflection that taking care of a holiday house is a long and tedious job, with some bad suprises sometimes, especially when you are not fluent in french and live hundreds miles away ! This way, « la belle vie en France » can lead to anxiety, if you rely on your neighbours to look out for you, or even if you trust the first person who proposes you cheap services to take care of your investment, bad surprises can turn into real nightmares, often very expensive ...

Our team is composed of serious, reliable and qualified professionals most of them personally known for more than 15 years for most of them. Let us look after your property and you have our insurrance that everything will work well, as you planned!

Trust, Quality, Reliability, Availability and Confidentiality are the foundations on which we like to build our customer relationships.

Contact Us

We are located in Aubeterre sur Dronne and operate within a radius of 20km. For more information about our services, or to discuss your needs indepth, please contact us by filling out the following form. We will carefully examine your request and get back to you without delay.


Holiday Home Care
11 Rue du Minage
Phone: +33 (0) 6 99 55 26 23
Charles Cramailh

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